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Collegiate Lawn and Landscaping Teams Up with LawnTastic Landscaping to Expand Service Area

In the world of lawn care and landscaping, partnerships can often lead to greater opportunities for both businesses and customers alike. Today, we’re excited to announce a new collaboration that promises to elevate the standards of service and expand our reach: Collegiate Lawn and Landscaping is joining forces with LawnTastic Landscaping to provide an even […]

How Do Pavers Stay In Place?

What Keeps Pavers From Not Moving? Edging keeps your pavers interlocking and prevents lateral movement over time. It is also the first thing you notice if your pavers are shifting, lifting, sinking or inviting weeds & moss. The most popular option is a plastic edge restraint fastened with a spike. However these have problems over […]

Which Mulch is Best For Fruit Trees?

fruit tree with mulch

The Right Type of Mulch For Your Fruit Trees Mulch prevents weed growth around fruit trees, saving you time and effort. A layer of mulch also helps to retain soil moisture, stabilize soil temperatures, and can offer nutrients as it breaks down. This is why installing mulch is so important for the health of your […]

How Often Should You Replace Mulch?

How often should you replace mulch?

When is the Right Time to Refresh Your Garden Mulch? The health of your garden requires you to regularly assess and maintain the quality of your mulch. It is important to replace it when it shows signs of deterioration, such as fading color, odor or a build up of weeds. Organic mulch decomposes and provides […]