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Your trusted partner for exceptional lawn service in Orlando, FL. Our dedicated team combines years of expertise with a deep understanding of the unique challenges that Central Florida’s climate presents for maintaining lush, healthy lawns.

Our comprehensive range of services includes precision mowing, string trimming, hedge trimming, weed control, and blowing tailored to Orlando’s specific needs. We take pride in using eco-friendly practices and top-quality equipment to ensure not only a stunning green space but also a sustainable one.

Collegiate Lawn and Landscaping has been serving Orange County for decades. We specialize not only in complete lawn maintenance but also in landscape design and installation.

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Top-tier Lawn Care Service in Orlando, FL

Are you struggling to take care of your lawn? Or is life so busy that you simply don’t have time to properly cut and care for your yard? Then you need a professional Orlando lawn care service to help you achieve a healthy lawn that thrives.

In peak season, you may find yourself spending 4 hours or more per week to keep your lawn in shape. Lawn mowing under the heat of the Orlando summer is surely the last thing you want to be doing on the weekends.

Save yourself the time and effort and leave the time-consuming lawn care tasks to us. Our lawn care and landscaping business has been providing premium services for home and business owners in Orlando, FL since 2016. We are the local reliable lawn service that you can trust.

So, call us today to book your professional lawn services in Orlando FL.

Lawn Service

We decided to start our own lawn care business to help the residents of Orlando, FL achieve the best yard possible, without the hard work. Our team does more than just lawn mowing. We also take the time to improve the health of your grass by determining your lawn’s specific needs.

Our mission is to provide the best lawn service for healthy and beautiful lawns. Our professional lawn care and maintenance will improve and bring out the best in your Orlando, FL yard.

At Collegiate Lawn and Landscaping, we value your time and satisfaction. We strive to always provide great customer service and lawn care so good that your neighbors will be wondering how you did it. With our lawn service, you won’t have to worry about pests and insects invading your yard. So, contact our team today to get the best lawn care services in Orlando FL.

Why Choose Us For Lawn Service?

At Collegiate Lawn, our approach revolves around three core principles: transparency, communication, and craftsmanship. We begin by attentively listening to your dreams and ideas, working in close collaboration to sculpt a vision that harmonizes with your aspirations. Our devoted team takes great care in intricately planning every facet, fusing artistry with seasoned expertise to guarantee the seamless realization of your project.

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Free Lawn Evaluation

We provide transparent pricing and a free lawn evaluation to make sure that you only receive the lawn services that you need. 

Save Time

Lawn care takes a lot of time and energy in order to be effective. Use your time on better things and let our team provide professional lawn services in Orlando FL.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Get a beautiful stress-free lawn with our satisfaction guarantee. We don’t quit until you are satisfied.

Picture Perfect Lawn

Enjoy a picture-perfect lawn with our complete lawn care services. We certainly have the tools and skills you need to impress anyone who passes or visits your home or business.

World-Class Equipment

Our lawnmowers are manufactured by the best brands for lawn care. Rest assured that only the best equipment is used to get your lawn in tip-top shape.

Licensed And Insured Professionals

Our 5+ years combined experience in lawn care services are the backbone of our company. Our licensed and insured lawn maintenance professionals provide service that is only the best of quality.

Residential Orlando Lawn Care

There’s a better way to enjoy the weekend than caring for your lawn. Our team is ready to provide the most comprehensive lawn service for homeowners across Orlando, FL. Enjoy family gatherings in the garden or a picnic in the backyard. Let us handle your lawn care while you care for what’s most important to you—your family.

Commercial Orlando Lawn Care

Our professional team will keep your commercial property looking great so that you can focus on taking care of your business and meeting the needs of your clients. We provide extensive Orlando lawn care and landscaping services for business owners across the city. When you need fast and efficient lawn services without interrupting your operations and productivity, call our team.

About Us

Lawn Maintenance Experts in Orlando, FL

We work 7 days a week 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM to ensure all our customers maintain a great-looking yard. Our range is Orlando and surrounding areas. Weekly, and Bi-weekly services are offered. Each service includes a mow, trim, edge, and blowing the clippings off hard surfaces. 

A great lawn starts with the best lawn care. However, lawn maintenance takes time. Don’t waste your valuable time toiling away doing yard care in the Orlando heat. Instead, spend your time with your family, clients, or hobbies. Let our lawn maintenance professionals take that work off your shoulders.

Call our team today to book your exceptional lawn care services in Orlando FL

Whether you’re looking to revamp your residential property or enhance your commercial space, our skilled professionals are equipped with the knowledge in landscaping service and experience to exceed your expectations. From lush lawns to intricate hardscapes, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to suit your specific needs. Discover how our Orlando-based landscaping experts can elevate your outdoor experience and add value to your property.

Lawn Care Service In Orlando, Affordable And Dependable

We will do everything we can to ensure that your lawn looks its best when the job is completed. Collegiate Lawn Care and Landscaping can help you choose a lawn care service plan for your needs so you always know what to expect from us. Your neighbors are sure to compliment your lawn when they see it! To learn more about our professional lawn care services, contact us today! Our trained specialists will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Collegiate Lawn and Landscaping

Trustworthy And Reliable Groundskeeping

Our company offers customers a wide range of lawn mowing and landscape services. From weekly lawn care to bi-weekly lawn care and everything in between. Weekly lawn care is great for clients who have time sensitive needs or just don’t want to worry about their lawn. This service allows you to put your mind at ease knowing that your yard will be well maintained even when you are not around.

Years of Experience

With years of experience in the Orlando area, we understand the specific needs of Florida landscapes.

Professional Team

We customize our services to meet the unique needs of your property and align with your personal design preferences.

Commitment to Quality

We derive immense satisfaction from delivering flawless outcomes, guaranteeing that your outdoor area becomes a source of pride and delight.

Areas We Provide Lawn Service

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If you’re looking for dependable lawn service in Orlando, look no further than Collegiate Lawn and Landscaping. Always providing our clients with quality lawn care at affordable prices. Schedule an appointment today!

FAQ About Lawn Service

Our landscaping company in Orlando provides many landscaping services like designing landscapes, taking care of lawns, building hardscapes, setting up and looking after sprinkler systems, choosing and planting greenery, handling pests and diseases, and more. We’re experts at making and looking after outdoor spaces that match your ideas and choices.

Lawn services typically include mowing, edging, blowing, weed control, irrigation system maintenance, and sometimes landscaping design and installation.

The frequency of lawn service depends on factors like grass type, climate, and seasonal changes. Generally, lawns benefit from regular service, typically on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

It's not necessary for you to be present, but it's helpful to communicate specific instructions or preferences with the lawn service provider.

Clearing debris, toys, and obstacles from the lawn will help the service team work efficiently. If you have specific areas of concern, communicate them with the service provider.

A standard package often includes mowing, edging, and blowing off grass clippings. Additional services like fertilization, weed control, and pest management may be offered separately.

Depending on the intensity of the rain, the service may be postponed to a later date. Your lawn service provider will communicate any necessary adjustments to the schedule.

Open communication is key. You can discuss preferences, areas of concern, and any special instructions either in person, through phone calls, or via email with your service provider.

We Offer More Than Residential And Commercial Lawn Service

At Collegiate lawn Care and Landscaping, we offer a variety of lawn services to residential customers throughout Orlando, FL. For reasonable rates, we mow your lawn and trim it so that you can have healthy grass. Not only mow and trim, but also blow your lawn to remove debris. Finally, if you choose our edging service, you’ll get a professionally-finished edge on each side of your property. To learn more about the process check out this page. Call us today  for an estimate!

Lawn Service in Orlando, FL

Lawn Service

Our lawn service at Collegiate Lawn is more than just maintenance; it's a commitment to lush, green perfection. With precise mowing, nourishing care, and a keen eye for detail, we ensure your lawn radiates health and beauty. Experience the difference of a well-kept lawn with Collegiate Lawn

Landscape design service in Orlando, FL

Landscape Design

Our Landscape Design Service is where imagination meets reality. Our expert team will work closely with you to bring your dream outdoor space to life. From lush gardens to inviting pathways, we craft landscapes that seamlessly blend beauty and functionality.

Mulch installation service

Mulch Installation

Enhance your garden's beauty with our Mulch Installation Service. Our team at Collegiate Lawn specializes in selecting and laying down the perfect mulch to protect your plants, suppress weeds, and give your landscape a polished look. Let us redefine your outdoor space with our expert touch

Sod Installation Service

Sod Installation

Our Sod Installation Service at Collegiate Lawn is the quickest way to achieve a lush, green lawn that's the envy of the neighborhood. With our expert team and premium-quality sod, we ensure a seamless transformation, turning bare soil into a vibrant, healthy turf. Say goodbye to waiting for grass to grow and hello to instant curb appeal with our professional sod installation.

Artificial Turf Installation

Artificial Turf Installation

At Collegiate Lawn, our Artificial Turf Installation service is your shortcut to a lush, green lawn that stays beautiful year-round. Say goodbye to mowing, watering, and maintenance. Our expert team will transform your outdoor space with high-quality artificial turf, providing you with a low-maintenance, natural-looking lawn that's perfect for play, relaxation, and hosting gatherings.

Brick Paver Installation Service

Brick Paver Installation

Our Paver Installation Service is the foundation of enduring beauty and functionality for your outdoor spaces. At Collegiate Lawn, we specialize in crafting meticulously designed paver pathways and patios that not only elevate your property's aesthetics but also ensure durability that stands the test of time. Trust us to pave the way for your outdoor oasis.

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